Albacete, Spain

We are a private school of languages which also work voluntary. We have been teaching languages and culture for 5 years now. We are in progress of creating an intercultural association / NGO (we are still looking for the best option) in order to have more opportunities to help our students and staff to travel and improve skills and their employment possibility.

We have already cooperated with organisaton Dramblys and organization GoEurope from Spain in order to give more opportunities for our students. Because of the needs our students an staff have (most of them are unemployed or have poor working conditions due to the economic Spanish situation), we really see the Erasmus + as an huge opportunity for them to Increase the number of opportunities in both fields: learning and working.

We love teaching languages, promote intercultural dialoque and international opportunities for youth. Most people in Spain do not have the resources to upgrade their education on their own so we are broadening our field of action to cooperation with foundations and non-governmental organisations from all around Europe and World and to participation in trainings and youth exchanges offered by partners to our students, members and volunteers which are an amazing chance to experience real intercultural learning with other young people. We have built some partnerships through European Programs with Organizations from Poland, Latvia, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Malta, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Germany and we have started cooperating for future programs / projects contected to the promotion of multiculturism, intercultural dialoque, common understading , youth rights and youth activation on local and international level.

Our company offers free English courses for children, youth and adults with fewer opportunities who are not able to effort it financially. Lessons are facilitated by our volunteers and teachers by using formal and non-formal education methodology.

Our Center has educated over 500 students, employed 15 teachers and 2 support staff dedicated to the administration and services.
We have built and equipped 8 classrooms for free conversation classes, our volunteers offer free English translations.

Actually, we are Participating in European Projects Erasmus Plus, KA1 and Comenius, we are in the FP7 project, called eDigiregion. We have participated in the Erasmus Plus projects in cooperation with Dramblys and Go Europe while we were sending Participants and being responsible for recruiting, preparing them for the projects and traveling to different countries.

Our Centre carries out many free English lessons for youth from poor families. Our volunteers also give free online conversation courses for youth and adults who live far from the city center. Our team of teachers have a big experience in working with youth with different backgrounds. Besides teaching English we also support students in being active citizens of their local society, Involve them in extra classes for raising awareness of different cultures and current situations of European Union Programmes.

Our center collaborates with other Institutions and assosiations from the city so we often get Involved into city actions, festivals, cultural events. We have knowledge and skills to ensure good quality of the project by sharing facts about current level of education of European values among youth in Albacete. We have creative approach to learning and teaching methods and we want to share this with other people working with youth.