Youth Support Centre
Lubin, Poland
Contact: contact.ysc@gmail.com

Youth Support Centre (YSC) is non-profit, non-governmental organisation established in Lubin, Poland by youth workers, young people and professionals, motivated to work with non-formal education in addressing the issues that concern our local community, Poland and Europe in general. Even though YSC is relatively new organisation, founded in 2015, it is composed of people who are active in civil sector and youth work for many years. Our mission is to stimulate and sustain the personal, professional and social development of the local youth. We are dedicated to fostering young people’s active, civic and responsible participation to the educational, social, cultural and economic environment of the communities they live in by supporting, counseling, informing and organizing activities for them.

To achieve its mission, Youth Support Centre is organising activities that:

  • promote the active participation of young people in their local and regional society;
  • support educational process of young people through formal and non-formal education methods;
  • promote and foster social inclusion, integration of marginilised groups in society, especially young people with fewer opportunities and social cohesion;
  • promote youth mobility; entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity
  • support building and strengthening of civil society, in particular the participation of young people in public and social life;
  • strengthen dialogue between young people and decision makers as well as foster structured dialogue;
  • promote and protect Human Rights Education (in particular women’s rights, children’s and minorities’ rights);
  • educate youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers;
  • promote and deepen cooperation with countries that are members of the Council of Europe;
  • support lifelong learning process and youth employment;
  • promote and inform about the opportunities and support programs of the European Union and other institutions;

Youth Support Centre has been established by young people and youth workers, involved in their local community life and international youth work. The main goal of YSC on local level is to involve as many as possible young people into the social life of their communities and to encourage them in that way to take active participation in society. YSC is open to everyone who would like to take part in our organisation and be our volunteer. For our members and volunteers we organise informal meetings, discussions and workshops on various topics, Erasmus Plus presentations, invite them to participate on projects of our partners and give them opportunity to support us in organising our own activities. In this way, we try to broaden the horizons and influence the personal, professional and social development of young people from our community by providing new or improved knowledge, skills, experiences, attitudes and contacts.

On international level we want to establish strong and reliable partnerships with organisations from all around Europe that can lead towards creation of network, which can be the incubator of fresh and innovative ideas, exchange of knowledge, skills, practices and experience as well as source of motivation for all members to support each other in challenges, improvement of our work, reaching our goals and being more creative in the future. In order to achieve our international goal, we are getting more and more active within Erasmus+ programme that provides us the opportunity to connect and work together with organisations that share our mission and values.

So far Youth Support Centre mainly has been working on local and regional level while on international level we have been only involved as partner organisation. Members of YSC organised Peace and Tolerance days in their communities, took part in conferences, meetings, exhibitions, and debates related to active youth participation and participated in many youth exchanges, training courses and seminars related to social inclusion, human rights, equality, youth unemployment, anti-discrimination, entrepreneurship, soft skills improvement, employment opportunities for youth and intercultural learning. In the past months, on local level, YSC visited secondary schools and high schools where members of our organisations run short activities connected with self-development, confidence-building and public speech training. Our plan for the following year is to spread our activities more, develop creative workshops on different topics and to reach also universities and students.

The president of our organisation has also been working and participating on local and international projects on various topics organised by different European organisations. She has also took part in partnership-building and cooperation activities that created a strong and big informal network of organisations with whom we cooperate or plan to cooperate in the future. Concretely, the president of YSC has been involved in youth work, civil society and non-formal education from 2011 as participant, volunteer, project manager and project coordinator while the project manager and other members of YSC are active in youth work and non-formal education from 2012 and 2013.

Youth Support Centre participated in many youth events, for example: Youth Forum, Youth Week organised in Lower Silesia by Dolnośląska Rada ds. Młodzieży. Besides the official participation of YSC as organisation, our members are also involved in the work and activities of different organisations and bodies through which they take part and work on training courses, seminars, conferences and student events. Some of the topics on which our members have been participating or working only in previous year include: social inclusion, active youth participation, European citizenship and values, employability, entrepreneurship, labour mobility, human rights, anti-discrimination, personal development and intercultural learning, sustainable development, ICT training, capacity building of youth organisations, partnership-building activities and networking events. The participation and work on all kinds of projects on various events provided our members with valuable knowledge and concrete skills, experiences, practices and tools that we are trying to transfer to the local youth we work with, but also to the international partners we are cooperating or planning to cooperate in the future. Our members have wide experience with working on blogs and social media, so we will use this knowledge and experience to ensure good promotion of the project and dissemination of its results.

In General the organisation is focused on topics related to:

  • Youth participation and youth policy
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Social inclusion and promotion of cultural diversity
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intercultural and interfaith dialogue
  • Non-formal learning
  • Volunteering

Youth Support Centre is collaborating on national level with few Polish organisations in order to strengthen our capacities, support each other, broaden our scope of work and involve as many young people as possible from different parts of Poland. In order to become more active in working on international level, this project will help us to establish and strengthen reliable and long-term partnerships, broaden our horizons, give us new ideas and provide us with concrete competences, tools, practices and contacts that we can use in our work and future activities.