Urbano Opshtestvo
Skopje, Macedonia

Zdrudzenie za opshtestvena grizha i vladeenje na pravoto “Urbano Opshtestvo” (Association for Social care and Rule of law “Urban Society”) is relatively new organisation, funded in 2012, but it’s composed of people who are active in civil sector and youth work for many years. Urbano Opshtestvo is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that aims towards multi-ethnic and transparent society that is open for everyone, social inclusion of marginalised groups, employed youth and improvement of the capacities and active participation of young people in society.

Our association is formed for pursuing common purpose of public interest by trying to develop the society we work in and supporting the European integration of Macedonia. We achieve this by working in the following areas: human rights, rule of law, democracy, support and work with marginalised groups in Macedonia and people with fewer opportunities, political education, youth unemployment, civil society, community awareness, volunteerism, campaigning, respect and promotion of interethnic relations, promotion of solidarity and tolerance as well as cooperation with local and international organisation which are sharing our values and vision.

Urbano Opshtestvo at the moment has more than 30 active volunteers who belong to different ethnic, religious or gender groups that live in Macedonia on age from 15 to 30 years old. The members have different backgrounds, some of them are unemployed and doing extra voluntary work, some are students who want to have experience in organizing projects or coordinating events. Most of the members have a university diploma and have finished or still studying in various departments of different faculties, such as journalism, language studies, economy, law and social work studies.

Some of the activities we do:
– Organizing workshops, trainings, seminars, round tables, platforms about the values that we promote;
– Promotion of our aims and activities through media and public gathering;
– Organizing campaigns (local and national),
– Coordinating exchange of volunteers on local and national level;
– Cooperation with other local and international organizations that promote our values.

Urbano Opshtestvo and its members have been active in non-formal education and youth work since 2006 either as participants, coordinators or organisers in various local, national and international projects on different topics. During these years of our work we gathered a lot of experience, knowledge, practices, tools and techniques on non-formal education, youth work and project management while working with young people from different cultural backgrounds from all around Europe and promoting intercultural dialogue and multiculturalism. We have knowledge and years of experience in project writing, project planning, project implementation and evaluation of local and international projects that we will be happy to share with the other participants of the project.

One of our aims of the organisation is the personal development and intercultural learning of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities. Our mission through our work and activities is to provide space for intercultural learning and to give opportunities for participants to personally develop during the activities we prepare for them. Our organisation have organized and attended several local and international projects that tackled youth unemployment, labour mobility and youth entrepreneurship and which provided us with specific skills, knowledge, practices, methods and opportunities. We will be happy to share all of the above mention things with the other partners and participants on the project.