Fasano, Italy
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The association ASAP Europe has been created by a group of young people aged 18 – 35 living in the region of Puglia, Italy, who have participated, facilitated and organized several European activities in the youth field. We have been engaged in programmes such as European Voluntary Service, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus for young Entrepreneurs and activities such as: youth exchanges, trainings, study visits, partnership-building activities and seminars on different topics within the Youth in Action and Erasmus+ Programmes and many others, acquiring several tools, skills and competencies in the youth field. We increased our knowledge with a direct impact in our personal and social development and this is what gave us the motivation to continue with our own action.

ASAP’s main aim is to foster youth participation of young people in civil society, to bring social change, development and improvement of the community, using different tools and mainly focused in the youth field. The main objective of our association is to promote international mobility of young people through training courses, seminars and cultural exchanges abroad.

Moreover, we are actively involved in promoting the values of volunteering and social inclusion and to raise awareness about active citizenship and European particularly at the local level. We strongly believe the change starts from small realities and everyday life reaching step by step to a higher level. European awareness and intercultural dialogue are subjects that need to be developed through different experiences and promoted in our communities first. For that reason we are very active in Fasano: we organize many activities such as meetings, conferences and seminars on a range of topics important for local youth and youth organisations (Project Management; International Mobility; Human Rights; Active Citizenship, etc.) involving High Schools from our region which are strong partners of us and always ready to support our initiatives (Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “Gaetano Salvemini” from Fasano, Istituto Tecnico Commerciale “Vito Sante Longo” from Monopoli (BA) and Istituto di Istruzione Secondaria Superiore “Leonardo da Vinci” from Fasano).

In 2013 we have won a grant award from the Puglia Regional Government under the “Principi Attivi 2012 – Giovani idee per una Puglia migliore” scheme, and we have got off the ground with a robust partnership with Fasano Municipality, Puglia Region and “Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Dipartimento della Gioventù e del Servizio Civile Nazionale”.

From February 2014, after a meeting on ‘Project Management in Europe’ organized by the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Brussels we set up collaboration with the office of Puglia region in Brussels in order to bring European educational and youth opportunities closed to young people in Puglia and Fasano.

In 2015 we have been awarded with the regional grant “Laboratori Urbani Mettici le Mani” with the project “Hands-on for YOUth Un percorso partecipato per avvicinare I giovani all’Europa”.

ASAP has long experience in working with the issues tackled in the project. The main activities of ASAP are dedicated to empowering young people and providing them with transversal competences. ASAP is one of the key players in the field of youth mobility, promoting mobility opportunities for youth workers and young people in Fasano. In terms of facilitation skills, we have our pool youth trainers and facilitators, working with different aspects of youth work.

When it comes to project management skills, since we were set up in 2012, we participated in over 50 projects, having sent over 100 participants to different projects (Europe for Citizens, Council of Europe’s HRE Programme). From 2014 we got approved 3 KA1 Erasmus+ projects: the aforementioned “Compass HRE for Youth”, KA1 TC “I-COACH Intercultural Coaching for Youth Workers” implemented from 8th to 15th September 2015 and the Youth Exchange “UNITED – Understand neighbors Integration Through European Dances” implemented from 16th to 24th February 2016.

On a local level we are very active, trying to involve as much as possible young people to to social life in Fasano, making them active and participative citizens. The people who will be involved into this project have experience working with non-formal education and young people from 2000: two trainers, one expert and three support staff members.

In this project we are sendind organization, which means we are in charge of selecting the participants and prepare them to attend the event by organizing a meeting in our headquarter where to discuss about the local and national situation of young people regarding their participation in society, which challenges they face and what can we do to include and empower marginalised or vulnerable young people.

Our staff and the organizational capacity are more than appropriate both in terms of human and technical or financial resources:

In terms of facilitation skills, we have our pool of youth trainers ( , lower left corner) and facilitators, working with different aspects of youth work (art and creativity, school drop-outs, professional and career advice, mentoring etc). We will make our experience available to all.
When it comes to project management skills, we have been partners in over a dozen projects within Youth in Action and other European schemes.

When it comes to leadership skills, this is at the heart of ASAP’s activities – our organisation was established with the thought in mind that we should turn young people from passive consumers to active leaders, responsible for their own lives and helping their peers.