Business Mentality
Thessaloniki, Greece
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BUSINESS MENTALITY is a non-profit organisation working with young people and for young people in Thessaloniki. It was established in order to promote and strengthen entrepreneurship and healthy and fair mentality of the society and citizens, especially the youth. It contributes to creation of an friendly business environment and strengthen the mentality of communities especially of youth in relation to entrepreneurship which will lead societies themselves to sustainable economic development.

Our Goals are also: to promote and develop entrepreneurship by organising all kinds of courses on which participants can learn how to write business plan, how to plan promotion of the business, how to manage human resources, how to use IT tools, how to reach different institutions and get additional grants, how to implement business plan and relevant economic models, etc.

We focus on promotion and development of smart-business activities with strong and good management in friendly environment tackling social and economic problems. Our organisation helps young people with development of the internet connection and provides counselling and guidance services for young entrepreneurs by supporting with full configuration of websites, branding and communication design.

BUSINESS MENTALITY organises conferences and events for young people who want to start their own business.

We organise activities for young entrepreneurs that support the development of their practical skills, but also which promote equality on the labour market, tolerance, European values and social inclusion. We believe that good business has to rely on European values and human respect and it is very important to have a fair crack of the whip. Conferences and events of BUSINESS MENTALITY are already targeting active entrepreneurs and young people who have a vision to start their first business step.

We have experience in running big events and coordinating human resources when working during our activities. We are experts in promotion and visibility as well as working with IT Tools. We supported many companies and start-ups with branding and PR Management. We are aware of duties and responsibilities while organising big scale meetings and conferences.

We organised events such as:
1. Annual Entrepreneurship Conference. Entrepreneurs shared their experience,spoke about difficulties, even failures that eventually led to their success so that they inspired other people to implement their business plans.
2. Workshops on how young people need to be aware of growing the business.
3. Seminar for working people to become real leaders.
4. Events for the Global Money Week

BUSINESS MENTALITY conferences are inspiring business conferences carried out at least once a year. Always issues interact on those who practice or want to act in the future business.
Conferences BUSINESS MENTALITY aspire to create a community for transmitting ideas and knowledge from people who turn their ideas into practice. The purpose of the conferences and events is to strengthen and promote the entrepreneurial spirit and mentality in society and citizens, especially the youth to give a note of optimism and encourage entrepreneurship in them. Additionally, to contribute and support the promotion of entrepreneurship and to discuss and develop ideas of young people for a healthy business start, social inclusion and protection of human rights on labour market.

Every year, entire communities take action to raise awareness and to give young people the tools and inspiration they need to shape their own future. Global Money Week takes place every year during the second week of March and BUSINESS MENTALITY is the Greek representative. The events are organised in cooperation with schools, universities, ministries, financial institutions, members of civil society and youth worldwide.

Our members took part in many international training courses and youth exchanges within Erasmus Plus Programme, so we know very well what is the importance and responsibility to be a partner organisation in these kinds of projects, how to share duties and obligations as well as how to lead recruitment process of participants and support them during the project.