I have learned quite a lot about the help that EU is providing to their citizens

First of all i am really thankful for being part of this project because i had the chance to meet a lot of nice people that really respected the schedule of the program, showing this way their respect for the other participants and also for the organizers. I have learned quite a lot about the help that EU is providing to their citizens and most of all to young people which is apaludable because young folks represent the future.

I remember the most the activity when we were supposed to be the trainers. I enjoyed it because it really got me involved and i learned better the meaning of being organized.

I have gained a lot of knowledge about the EU programs for youth and i am sharing it within the association that i am part of and with all the young people i meet.

I have developed communication skills, analytic skills, organizational skills such as planning and time management, which are crucial in every job and also in day by day life.

I did share results, but not within a conference but rather in a more unconventional way, while drinking a cup of tea in a tea house J Also this week am i meeting an almost blind young person to convince her to go to such programs and encourage her by setting Larisa as an example.

– Marius Ovidiu, Romania



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