Training materials and resources

Below you can find materials, tools and presentations used during our Training course “Youth Employability Stimulators of Tomorrow”, organized in Szklarska Poreba, Poland from 25th January to 2nd of February 2017. We encourage you to share and use these training materials and resources in your activities or projects.

If you would like to download below mentioned materials, then just click on the bullet points.

Ice-breaker and creative getting-to-know activity that encourages participants to talk between each other while learning interesting facts about themselves. Since it’s a competitive exercise in form of “bingo”, keep in mind that you should prepare a prize for the winner.

A fun team building exercise that requires the whole group to work together in order to complete a lot of tasks in short amount of time. The exercise encourages participants to communicate between each other, build trust, think critically, delegate responsibilities and work as a team.

Set of questions that can be used before or during training sessions in order to research and create presentation about countries realities regarding youth unemployment and youth entrepreneurship.

Presentation about the situation with youth (un)employment in EU, the reasons behind it and what the European Union is doing to address this transnational issue. The presentation gives brief introduction to most important EU strategies and policies for tackling unemployment and social exclusion while in the same time presents different EU mechanisms and funding opportunities for youth entrepreneurship.

This presentation explains the business life cycle and focuses on the first and for many the most important step of every successful business – the Business idea. The presentation also provides concrete steps to develop a good business idea and ways how it can be evaluated if its really good idea. The presentation includes links to inspirational videos by some of the biggest world entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak.

Presentation that can be used by youth organisations and youth workers to introduce what is business plan and give reasons why is it so important to develop one if young people are planning to start their own business.

Power point template that can be used on sessions for creation of business plans by young people or youth workers during different kind of projects.

Presentation that introduces and explains the most famous free and useful tools for business planning.

Useful template that can be used during youth projects for creating non-formal learning tools (methods) which later on can be tested, evaluated and summarized into toolbox of methods as concrete outcomes of the projects.

A template that can be used to work on brainstorming and drafting strategic plans for organising follow-up activities after a youth project.

Evaluation form that was used during the Training course which can be used and adapted by other organisations during their projects. It’s important to note that the evaluation form should be anonymous and participants should have enough time and relaxed environment to fill out the forms.

General presentation about Erasmus+ programme and Youth Mobility projects that can be organised within E+. Can be used during the training to prepare participants for project planing and development of project ideas.


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