Presentations of strategic plans for follow-ups

The last, but not least day of project was active with a lot of emotions and ideas about the future plans. From each nine countries every team together or if someone wanted separately worked on creating a strategic plan for follow – up activities for boosting youth employability in own countries. We presented how we will share information about the project and which skills and knowledge we will use to show what we did and learned while this week being in project.

For example Spanish participants chose to do a café meeting with youth to share their own experiences with young people. Italian girl promised to write an article about this training course and share it on facebook page of her organization and also published it in local newspaper. Lithuanian team chose to do an event with pupils from the last year of school to show a presentation about different Erasmus+ possibilities.

All of participants will try to use non-formal education methods like workshops, games etc. to involve youth be more active and to enjoy this types of projects. Most of our meetings or events will be done after all of us will arrive to hometown. It will be done on the next few months, most probably on February and March. So, be continued…

          Božena, Lithuania


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