Final evaluation of the training course

The very last project session was evaluating all activities done, things learned, experiences and knowledge received during this project. Together with the trainers and organizers, each of participants took one’s time to recollect memories from every day, starting with the very first one – arriving and meeting each other, first activities together, gradually reaching the last project day – where are they now, how they feel at the moment, what’s on their mind.

After getting thoughts together, participants got a fun last task to put feelings about the project into a theater scene, a song or a story. While the majority of them took part in creating a funny story in the style of a fairy tale, others were greatly excited about making a funny 2-minute acting improvisation of the whole project.

A few minutes later, after having fun time while sharing creativity with others, the trainers has invited everyone to sit in a circle and think of a few things each of us is taking home from this project (luggage excluded). As we are all unique and individual, there were just as many different things considered taking home as there were participants here. But, a few of them were very common to all of us – together we took home new, great experience, important knowledge and the best memories, willing to keep growing as citizens of Europe, active inhabitants of each own’s country and an important part of Erasmus+ family…

It’s not a “Goodbye”, it’s – See You Soon!

         – Neringa, Lithuania


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