How Erasmus+ can be helpful for young people and not only

Introduction of the Erasmus+ program and how young people can boost skills and combine formal and informal education. The benefits of participating in Erasmus+ project. The impact that the project have in young people, like earning soft skills, developing cooperation, learning and adopting the European values.

The participants were informed for the structure of the Erasmus+ actions and who are the eligible countries and how to apply for funding for different actions.

More specified we learned about the Project cycle of Key Action 1, how to start developing a project, how to apply, the funding rules the evaluation of the project and how to benefit from the feedback that the organizations get’s from the project assessors.  In the end of the presentation useful links were shown and later shared with us.

After the presentation, participants were divided in three groups and in each group there was a trainer informing us more in detail about European Voluntary Service (EVS), Youth Exchanges and Mobility for Youth Workers as  the most common organized youth mobility projects. All participants were informed for the three programs by using a rotating-living library method.

        – Aida, Greece


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