Big plans for the future!

After a long week of learning, working and sharing, on the last day we have got the opportunity to use our motivation and inspiration to create strategic plans for follow-up activities stimulating youth employability. Mainly we were working in national teams, so that we could think about strategic plans which we would like to implement in local community, but also we could work individually.

Main idea was, to think about any follow up activity, using presented methods and materials during our training course.  It could be a plan for any activity, energizer or workshop to be done for several people or a big group. Our plans and ideas we had to put in the table, where we had to describe: what kind of activity/project/event we are planing to do; aims & objectives we want to achieve by implementing it; target group; what methodology we will use; what resources are needed.

In that short time we were given, every team had great ideas, which we are planing to implement in nearest future. so follow our blog and see how plans become reality!

       – Evelina Graciova, Lithuania


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