Participants practice their role as employability stimulators of tomorrow

And finally we have the last 3 groups that are implementing their created non-formal learning activities after which we will have an overall evaluation of the whole process of creating and running our activities and being provided with feedback from our trainers.

We started with the workshop of Larisa, Monica and Barbara that was simulating various job interview situations that were focusing on the challenges, fears, common errors and doubts that young people have during interviews. The workshop started with an energizer that all of us we form a circle standing to next to each other and we had to say a compliment and give a hug to the person next to us, then for the main activity they divided us into groups and each group had to present themselves as one person that have positive characteristic of their personality to the job interview to get the job.

The next group had a workshop about difficulties that interviewers experience from their employers, so the group presented us with three job interviews scenarios from three different types of employers. The first job interview was about for the position of engineer the second job interview was about the position of the interior designer and the third job interview was about the position of

So the first scenario of job interview was for the position of engineer so the employer was a business man that he take for interview a woman and so for that reason they presented us how an employer can discriminate an interviewer from the opposite sex. The second and third job interview scenarios had the same meanings but with different rolls, so the meaning of this whole activity show us how a job interview can go wrong how we can handle it.

         – Dikens, Greece


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