NFE activities in practice: Participants’ led workshops

Hello Szklarska Poreba team! Our colleagues here Karel, Goran and José started the day with the workshop “Entrepreneurizer” that was about learning more about what means to be an entrepreneur, what are the desired qualities of entrepreneurs and how to obtain those qualities and needed skills . The structure of the workshop was very simple, but the way they interacted with us kept our attention during the presentation. Big like guys!

And yes, step by step, we’ve continued the day with the second workshop “Osmismerka”, led by Božena, Dolores and Jakub. This one was interesting. A finding words activity which was fun and brain-stimulating to practice English in a very interactive way, but more importantly to learn and speak about transversal skills.

The noisy energizer full of hugs and clapping woke up every one in the room and with a good vibe we started the workshop “History image” developed by Luca, Aida & Slavjan. The workshops was focused on the development of workers rights throughout history by using theater to present all the important historical periods. In a personal opinion, I really loved the way they split us in groups and that we could use theater to explore such a complex topic, nice! They were original & creative.

In the end, what can I say… in a short time of only 25 minutes to practice our developed activities, we all did the best we could and our efforts were appreciated.

         – Anda, Romania


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