Introduction to toolbox idea and creating NFE activities for youth (un)employment and entrepreneurship

The activity that I am about to describe was one of the most wonderful workshops that I have participated in during this project. It all started when Bojan, one of our main trainers presented us a list with fields that had to be filled in. However, before starting to work on it, Bojan explained patiently what we need to write for each requirement. Everything was so detailed, that we started to get quickly an idea about what will happen next. Moreover, everyone got excited hearing all the explanations and was already thinking hard what to organize for the next day. I am saying that, because the main idea was to set up a plan and to prepare a workshop in order to test it on our colleagues, to see if it could become a possible future activity.

After we all understood what work is waiting for us, Bojan split us into groups encouraging us to be creative and to ask if something was unclear. At first, many groups were a bit worried, not because we didn’t know what to do, but it didn’t pop into our mind any brilliant idea. After some talk, ideas started slowly but surely to shape in our minds and of course on our papers too.

Bojan was very involved in this activity and he kept asking every group if we need help and how is it going to work. In my team for instance, after having an idea we were delighted on working on it. We asked Bojan a lot of questions and after we received every single answer, we started to organize our first workshop. Due to our enthusiasm, at some point, we even had to cut down some ideas. We stayed up late, enjoying talking and working and we got up early to practice, and to establish the last details.

All in all, it actually turned out really good, and we received a great feedback. I think that Bojan and Camila were really proud of all of us.

Love from Romania

       – Larisa, Romania


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