Employability Stimulators in Action! Continuation of participants led activities

After the first coffee break of the day, with our energy boosted up all the way up to the highest peak of Sklarska Poreba, we continued with the Participants’ Led Workshops.

We started with group number 3, which led an interesting workshop regarding the rights of workers throughout time. They started by adding more positive vibes to the room with a very funny energizer were we had to find our group members by using our voices and imitating sounds of animals. The workshop was raising awareness about the rights that workers use to have in three different time periods : ancient, middle age’s and present time.

Seconds after our nice history lesson, group number four was ready to makes us get out of our comfort zones and place us directly on the chair of the typical job candidate, right in front of one of the trainers who played the role of an employer in a specific field of work. The workshop it self was conducted in order to provide useful tools to a candidate in order for him to “sell” him self a lot better when being interviewed.

Moments after we had a short review of the interview reenactment, the fifth group started their workshop with a similar approach as the previous group, but covering the issue of discrimination on an interview. The participants were split into three groups, and from every group only one candidate was asked to come for a simulation of an interview. The fictional employers had different personalities: a feminist, a misogynist, and a transgender employer, which the candidates had to convince that they were the right people for the job. Discrimination is a big issue among some of the EU countries and the exercise was useful for raising awareness on the phenomenon.

         – Ovidiu, Romania


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