Let’s start our own business!

The second session today was about how to create a business. And we learned that the most important thing before starting is a good business plan. Michal explained to us through a power point presentation why a good business plan is important. It is essential to organise your ideas, to gain a deep understanding of your market, iron out the possible kinks and establish benchmarks.

Then, Michal divided us in 6 groups. After a brainstorming, each group figured out five different ideas. After choosing the best idea we started to develop our business plan, in order to have six different projects at the end.

Then each group presented its own project to the others. It was really interesting and funny because there were a lot of new and smart proposals. After the presentations, each project was published on our web page.

Today, through this exercise, all of us had the opportunity to be a new potential entrepreneur. It was nice to feel this way for a day and, who knows, maybe one day one of these ideas could become a reality!

       – Valeria, Italy


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