Business Fair

The last session of today, January 29, was about to develop one of our business idea. We were divided in six groups and every group had to choose just one of all the beautiful business idea!

One team has developed one idea about Pizza. The creation of a franchising pizza shop where to eat pizza while working, playing and enjoying the time together with others. The idea went in the mind of the group because Italian situation of pizzeria, there you need a reservation and you can stay a limit time.

The second group called the idea “NONPHONIA” that is a place where there is no WiFi, and pay attention, if you use your phone you have to pay for everybody!

Then another groups showed us “Casino u Sledzika” that is a Casino place in Szklarska Poreba with an awesome service of transport between that city to Prague, Wroclaw and Dresden.

Another project was Autopen that corrects your bad English spelling. That works with a display that suggest you and correct you what you are a writing!

Another team developed “Adri Hot & Cool” that is a cream for a sensitive area of man based in Croatia. Shouldn’t be cost more than 10€ and will be eco-friendly!

The last business idea was an awesome hotel based in Szklarska Poreba, with all the services that every five stars hotel has!

We had to vote and decide which idea was better by investing in them. We did in an smart way with fake money for investment  as we needed to give 10€ for the fourth idea, 20€ for the third, 50€ for the second and 100€ for the first!

Here is the final result:

  • Autopen – 1st place
  • Hotel Szklarska Poreba – 2nd place
  • Adri Hot & Cool – 3rd place
  • NONPHONIA – 4th place
  • PIF – 5th place
  • Casino u sledzika – 6th place

       – Luca, Italy


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