Engaging with the EU platforms for (un)employment and entrepreneurship

After the group discussion which was focused on the personal reflections, identification of the advantages and the barriers of the EU platforms and funding schemes for employment and entrepreneurship, the participants were divided into five groups, each one responsible for covering different support and funding platforms for youth employment and youth entrepreneurship. The five platforms which were in the particular focus were 1) EURES – European Job Mobility Portal, 2) Your Europe Business portal, 3) EU programme for Employment and Social innovation, 4) Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and finally, 5) Access to Finance.

The groups were supposed to prepare presentations for the specific platform, explore and research the portals and web-sites. More precisely, the specific questions which were to be answered were ‘What are the programmes for?’, ‘How they can be used?’, ‘Who can use the programmes?’, while additionally, the participants were encouraged to register at the webpage in order to get to know with the system in a more detailed way.

The teamwork was particularly interesting experience, since it allowed group discussions, and moreover, it deepened the participants’ knowledge on the specifies of the assigned projects. The presentations were interactive and provoked a fruitful discussion at the end of the session.

          – Agata, Poland


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