Learning about the concepts of Employability and Entrepreneurship

First of all, we started with an always fun energizer, ‘fruit salad’. In this occasion, we took into account that we are in Poland and instead of fruits, we played with the ingredients of a potato salad (mayonnaise, onions, pickles and of course, potatoes).

When we were reactivated again, Michal told us to gather with the same kind of food and line up. The alphabet was written on the board and he explained the workshop consisted of coming to an agreement with your group about a word related to employability and entrepreneurship. It had to start with the initial letter that Michal said and we had to be quick and sharp-minded to be the first to say the word and write it.

After an overwhelming victory, ‘the mayo team’ and the other participants had to think of a short definition for the concepts of employability and entrepreneurship. Thanks to these tasks we could identify and learn more about the concepts that we are going to explore during the training course.

Eventually, we evaluated the whole day and our impression of it summing it up in just a single word. Brainstorming, hard-work, friendship, curiosity, intense and team-work were some of the ideas used to describe a day full of good vibes.

        – Nayomi, Spain


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