Intecultural evening: Presenting cultures of participating countries

On 27 January, the intercultural evening started around 9 p.m. All of the teams from Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Italy, Spain and Poland represented their cultures. In order to properly represent our countries, we brought some delicious food  and drinks that are specific for the region that we live.

Croatia opened the evening with traditional ajvar, kobasica and some really tasty sweets made of honey, also there were well known spirits from Croatian region Slavonia, shlivovica and travarica. After Croatia’s presentation Greece followd. While they were presenting local olives, peaches and peppers we all listened traditional Greek music. Macedonia also represented some of their traditional homemade wine from Kratovo and handmade jewelry from silver- filligree, made by Anja and Slavjan.

Karolina wearing Czech national costume ( kopanicarski kroj) presented Czech food ( delicious sweets made of carrots) and spirits made of herbs and pears. Lithuania presented their food ( bread chips, traditional dziugas cheese) and their spirits made of herbs. We had a quiz, made of 5 questions and winner took their really tasty chocolate bars. Romanians brought traditional sweet and white wine, different kind of chocolates ( Chita, rom) and homemade food, zakuska, made by Ovi’s mother.

There wasn’t too much vegetarian food on the table when team from Spain presented their culture. Most of the food was special delicious meats from the Community of Castilla – La Mancha and also the best cheese of all with tried that evening. Italy presented taralli, best salty biscuits, friselle, gioccolata di Modica from Sicily region and soppressata meat.

The last but the best, Poland started with performance in which they demonstrated how young people are traditionally greeted by their elders. They also presented many of their local foods including sweets, sausages, cucumbers, egg-nog and spirits that are traditionally consumed with milk.

After learning comes burning. After presentations we put some music on and started talking about cultures, politics, music, employment etc. And dancing.

          – Anja, Macedonia & Barbara, Croatia


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