Identifying obstacles to youth employability and employment

After sharing and debating about what are the concepts of employability and entrepreneurship, our country realities on the topic, and what skills we need to raise employability, on this session we make effort to identify what are the obstacles that stand in front of us for solving unemployment among young people.

We find that obstacles are different from country to country, or depending on the field that we focus on. Even the reasons could be different depending where we come from and so on. We also come to conclusion that some of those reason are universal.

Couple of those reasons are: the level of competition in the field that we are trying to find job, the presence or not of bureaucracy in the countries that we come from, the level of presence of education about entrepreneurship in our formal education, how much our country is connected to bigger market (example: being in EU or not)…

We did this process of identifying obstacles in order to help us in the next sessions on the project to come up with possible solutions how to raise the level of employment locally, but also on more wider level.

            – Slavjan Stojanov, Macedonia


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