Employability and transversal skills: What are they? Approach to a model of business person and NGO worker

The afternoon started with a funny energizer: let’s kiss the little teddy bear. All of you know that the little teddy bear was softie and lovely so we wanted to kiss it in every single part of its body. The problem came up when we discovered that after all those showings of affection we had to kiss the person next to us in the same part we had already kissed the teddy bear. Nayomi had chosen a strange one… My armpit!!

After this entertaining moment, Michal – one of the trainers –  introduced basic concepts about what a business person and a NGO worker should have:
– Knowledge: theory that you have in your brain.
– Skills: things that you can actually perform, in other words, the outcome of this knowledge.
– Attitudes: internal motivations or feelings that drive the actions of people.
The three are interconnected and in order to know a little more about them, the group was divided in four teams and the task was designing and drawing our perfect business person and NGO worker.

Each team faced the task conscientiously and the results were amazing!! According to the work made by our mates, a good business person should have knowledge about economical laws, rules of market, languages and of course, should be always well informed. What about the skills and, even better, the transversal skills? The last ones are those which have been acquired through non- work or leisure activities or though participation in education or training. You can use them in every aspect of your life and they are crucial. Our model business person should own oral skills, leadership and capacity to solve problems, among others.
Following with the attitudes, our teams agreed in bravery, determination and positive thinking.

On the other hand, our approximately perfect dentition of NGO worker could be: a person with legislative, bureaucracy and cultural knowledge; the skills she/he possess are team work, diplomacy and empathy and last but not least, in reference to the attitudes, strong motivation, hard work and sharp mind should be active agents in her/his own life.

This part of the session ended swapping characters and circling the abilities that could have in common our models (more than we really expected). Thanks for amazing drawings and for your creativity. Let’s continue learning and sharing!

        Mónica, Spain


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