Analysing countries realities on youth employment and youth entrepreneurship

In front of the European flag the list of the participant countries started the 3rd day of the project with a glimpse of the current situation -in terms of employment,- and some data. Despite the complicated panorama, the different countries did their best analysing some concepts and showing their own impressions about the reality they are living

The group got started explaining some essential concepts about what it is understood to ‘Youth’ depending on the different countries, the general unemployment rates and how this affects to young people. The conclusion was not too encouraging: young people by far are the most likely to be unemployed, even though they are reaching an increasingly high level of education.

Despite the shadows of our times concepts like ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘start-up’ and ‘business’ brought the lights to the working room. We realised that start a business does not necessarily mean a mess, can take less than an hour: the costs, procedures and support can be more complex. Despite everything the conclusions were so inspiring: young people has many brilliant ideas, they feel like working and in search of a good opportunity to let their entrepreneurial spirit loose.

        – Jose Javier García Sánchez, Spain


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