NGO Fashion show

NGO fashion show was the most creative and fun task of the day. We were supposed to create dresses for our organisations’ models and we had 30 minutes to do the task. Trainers gave us materials like papers, colour pens, flip-charts and the task was to stimulate our creativity in presenting our organisations.

On our dresses we had to write some things about the NGO we represent, like the name of the organisation, logo, what are the activities we do, past and future projects, which countries they had as partners and at the end some contact information.


When 30 minutes pass, models had to get out of the fashion room and the others prepared music, light show and microphone with presenter of the countries. Now the show may begin! Models came to the fashion room, others clapped and took photos. It was like a real fashion show. Then presenter of every country had to represent their NGO’s and their activities.

At the end of the show, we could hear new stuff about others NGO’s, could get some ideas what we can do in our countries and establish new partnerships for future projects.

      – Goran Domitrović, Croatia


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