Getting to know each other better and finding out about our expectations, contributions and fears

In the morning we had a delicious breakfast and after it we continued to getting to know each other as well as an awesome introduction with our trainers. We had to introduce ourselves. Then, each of us got a piece of paper and we should put it on our faces and draw selfies. Simply our self-portraits with the paper on our faces, haha. I really enjoyed it!

Then we were separated into two groups and we had a speed dating: we had 3 minutes for one question which the trainer gave to us. One of the questions was: what we would do on a lazy Sunday.

Then we wrote down our fears, expectations from the project and also our contribution to it. Fears were mostly about language barrier and food. Expectations were mostly about making new friendships, about getting to know something more about starting a new business etc. Contribution – about sharing energy and positive mood.

         – Karolina, Czech Republic


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