Exploring Szklarska Poręba – Mission (im)possible

In the previous session all participants were split into 4 groups. After lunch all groups had 100 minutes to complete their tasks.

So they went to center of Szklarska Poręba and started to complete their tasks. Some of the tasks were the same for all groups, but some were different. Example of same tasks was to find the  other group in center and take a selfie all together, to stick promotional materials with hashtag #YESTbyYSC in a public place, to find out what is OSCYPEK (cheese) and film it how participants are trying it. Also the same task for everybody was to find Polish tourists and (again) take a selfie with them.

Some of the different tasks were to find the nearest Exchange office, Bank, Store, Restaurant, Coffee shop and such. Also some group needed to find locals and ask them about where the best pizza is in Szklarska Poręba or what are interesting things to see in our home for this 8 days.

Last tasks for all groups were to hug each other for doing a great job. 🙂

I must say that people in Szklarska Poręba was nice, interested in what we do here and willing to help. Also some of the people said that they know about this Erasmus plus project. For example, librarian allowed one group to stick paper with hashtag of project to window of library and said that he knows about our project!

After exploring, participants uploaded all findings, pictures, selfies and videos on the group of project and presented them on the end of session.

        – Dolores Miličić, Croatia


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