Youth Employability Stimulators are meeting in Poland to address youth unemployment around Europe

Foundation Youth Support Centre is going to host 32 youth workers and youth leaders from 9 European countries in Szklarska Poreba, Poland from 25th of January until 2nd of February who will come together to participate on the Erasmus+ Training course “Youth Employability Stimulators of Tomorrow”.

The Training course brings together representatives of youth organisations from Poland, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania, Lithuania and Croatia in order to explore the vicious cycle of unemployment, especially youth unemployment that leave millions of young people out of work, at risk of poverty, social exclusion and socio-economic marginalization.

During 8-days of intensive program and by using participant-centered, non-formal and experiential methods, the Training will promote youth entrepreneurship and improvement of youth’s employability skills through youth work and non-formal education while in the same time offer the chance to work on practical non-formal learning tools and follow-up activities that can increase young people’s chances to get employed or start their own business.

The main aim of the Training course is to train, empower and improve professional competences of participants to successfully work through non-formal education on improving the entrepreneurial, employability and transversal skills of young people they work with within their organisations and communities as a way to combat youth unemployment and promote active participation in democratic life and the labour market in Europe.

During the Training course, participants will develop, practice and evaluate new and innovative non-formal learning tools (activities, methods and approaches) for youth workers and young people which will be summarized into a Youth Employability Stimulators Toolbox on the topics of youth unemployment, entrepreneurship, intercultural learning, entrepreneurial and transversal skills. Participants will also learn how to develop business plans through the whole process of business development from the identification of an idea or a need, through its development to management and attracting investments.

The Training course is the only mobility activity of the project “Youth Employability Stimulators of Tomorrow” that was applied by consortium of 9 European youth organisations through the leading partner Youth Support Centre, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation established in Lubin, Poland by youth workers, young people and professionals, motivated to work with non-formal education in addressing the issues that concern their local community, Poland and Europe in general.

For more information about the project, daily updates from the Training course and produced results, we invite you to visit the project website at and follow the official project hashtag #YESTbyYSC.Top of Form

The project “Youth Employability Stimulators of Tomorrow” is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union through the Key Action 1: Mobility of Youth workers and granted by the Polish National agency.


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